Children First Why and How?


A conference on the universal rights of children


The third conference of the Children First

11th and 12h February 2005, Stockholm, Sweden



Poverty, destitution, prostitution, AIDS, substance misuse and death of millions of children have become a distinctive characteristic of a world which thrives on discrimination, injustice and trampling on the vulnerable members of our societies and the abuse of children. In an era where the perpetrators of this deplorable condition, the so called civilised societies, shamelessly parade the images of child victims of poverty, hunger and war before the eyes of the world and where the reactionary theories of cultural relativitism are used to condone these atrocities against children in the religiousand poverty stricken societiesand portraying child cruelty as an unavoidable and natural phenomena, we in the Children First have decided to organise a seminar to debate the inalienable and universal rights of these little people.


We do not believe that the current deplorable state of childrenís lives is a doomed fate. We believe the current treatment of children has been engineered and organised by the states against the wishes of the great majority of people in our societies. We believe that societies can be reorganised to incorporate the interest and well being of children. Children First belongs to such an approach and movement. In our defence of children we will not recognise any national, ethnic, class, ideological or religious consideration.


Against the portrayal of a dark and miserable situation of children worldwide we have this year decided to covey a humanist image of children before the eyes of the world. We have decided to discuss and uphold the inalienable and universal rights of children and to reclaim the respected, civilised and equal position of children versus that of the existing hapless and destroyed status.


Our third conference will focus on the universality of childrenís rights. We are of the opinion that the current tragic situation of children can only be improved through a radical and maximalist endeavour.The systematic and entrenched child cruelty and abuse can only be eradicated by upholding and promoting the universality of the rights of children. The third conference is an attempt to demand the rights of all children all over the world. To this end we need, in the first place, to proclaim all the rights of children, and present it as an indictment against the status quo, before the eyes of the world.


Join us and participate in two days of discussions, speeches, presentations, film, music and workshops and be part of an effort to promote childrenís rights. We will be focussing on children and welfare, personal integrity, education, security and safeguards against religious interference and physical and mental abuse.


The conference will be conducted in English, Swedish, Farsi, Arabic and Kurdish. For other languages please contact us to consider your request.

If you wish to participate in any capacities including as a speaker, presenting films and music or set up a stall, please contact us via one of the contact details below.


Soraya Shahabi

On behalf of Children First

04th November 2004





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